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New Bulk Price: Rs. 35,000
New Individual items' purchase price: Rs. 40,295
(Effective as of Nov 9, 2018)

*Cost Breakdown*

'Deer' Wood Sign: Rs. 4,500
'C' Wood Sign: Rs. 4,000
'Be strong..brave' Wood Sign: Rs. 2,800
'LOVE' Wood Sign: Rs. 3,500
'Gap arrows' Wood Sign: Rs. 5,000
'HOME' Wood Sign: Rs. 5,000
'J' Laser Cut Sign: Rs. 8,500
'Hello' Laser Cut Sign: Rs. 5,500
'Make it happen' Frame: Rs. 1,495
(Effective as of Nov 9, 2018)

All elements of the gallery wall can be customized. Items may also be added or removed as required! Inbox for any questions