Our tale begins when our founder embarked on a quest to find decor pieces, home accessories and giftable items that were a little more personal than the clichéd and mass-produced articles. On this journey she realized that she was not the only one who craved custom-made, good quality options. Before long, she put together a team and together we dove into this venture and the rest is history! 

Our vision is to be the ultimate shopping destination for personalised and meaningful products & solutions that evoke joy. 

We started in 2017 with an aesthetic home decor range and grew over the last couple of years to include more collections. Presently, The Decor Cottage has 2 operating brands including Club Voyage (Personalized Travel Accessories), and Toddler’s Kingdom (Customised Kids’ Nursery Decor). 

Shop at Toddler’s Kingdom to find everything you need to furnish and decorate the nursery and kids rooms. Browse through our range of children’s furniture, storage, wall decor, learning toys and more. 

Cribs, chairs, dressers, drawer chests, changing tables, playroom toy chest, toys, personalized baby name signs and more. Our range of eco-friendly wooden furniture and toys will make you want to ditch plastic. 

Whether you are on a search for a truly one-of-a-kind baby shower present or are planning to furnish your baby’s nursery or toddler’s room with meaningful personalised pieces we’ve got you covered. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can make it for you! Let us make it for you!

Club Voyage offers handcrafted faux leather accessories for travelers and people are always on the go ✈. Convenience, organization, durability and style - each Club voyage accessory is designed with these in mind. From chic passport holders and personalised luggage tags to sleek card holders Club Voyage has a beautiful selection of travel essentials and gift ideas. Personalise your Club Voyage items with engraved text, foil stamped motifs and brass charms. We have some exciting new products planned to launch soon. 

The Decor Cottage believes in supporting local craftsmen and suppliers. We constantly strive to find the best materials, uphold the quality promise and offer the best prices. Being environmentally friendly is another thing we are passionate about. The wood used in The Decor Cottage collections comes from sustainably managed forests. Cruelty-free leather alternatives are used to make all wallets, cases and bags.

Living by Richard Branson’s words we aim to not only meet your expectations but to delight you with our top-notch customization and excellent customer service!