Our tale begins when our founder embarked on a quest to find some decor items that were a little more personal and warmer than a meh candle stand, cliched photo frame or a boring vase. Before long, she put together a team to dive into this venture and the rest is history! Presently, The Decor Cottage has 3 operating brands including The Decor Cottage Designs (Customised Home Decor), Club Voyage (Personalized Travel Accessories), and Toddler’s Kingdom (Customised Kids’ Nursery Decor).

    Here at The Décor Cottage we recognize your craving for unique and well-crafted decor items- Our Vision is to be the ultimate place for all kinds of customisation needs, now and for the future generations!  

    We especially focus on ways in which we can support local suppliers and craftsmen while striving to find the best options and materials, ranking high on quality, affordability as well as environmental friendliness. Last but not the least, we are huge fans of Richard Branson and therefore, we live and breathe customer service!